Siach Abroad

In this autumn, Yeshivat Siach Yitzhak is coming to visit in the east coast area. In the first week of november, rav Ori Lifshitz, Dr. Eitan Abramovitch and Udi Dvorkin will be teaching in several locations around New York city, in Boston. Washington DC and Cleveland. See the details below, click to enlarge. The shiurim will focus in chassidut, rav shagar’s thought, methodology of talmud study, and basic aspects of jewish life in modern and postmodern times. It is an oppurtunity to meet the yeshive staff, and learn about the yeshiva in general and particulary about Rav Shagar’s thought.

ישיבת שיח יצחק גבעת הדגן - אפרת, מיקוד: 90435