Zohar Maor

Born in 1968, Zohar studied at Yeshivat Merkaz Ha-Rav and Yeshivat Sha’alabim. He is a professor of history at Bar Ilan University and Herzog College. His Ph.D. dissertation deals with modern mysticism in the ‘Prague School’. Zohar was a student at Siach Yitzhak in 1996-1997, and since then has been teaching Jewish Philosophy (including Rishonim, Hassidism, Rav Kook and contemporary Jewish philosophy).

In 2005 he directed the Binah Le’Ittim Institute adjacent to Siach Yitzhak, and edited the two books published by the institute, dealing with family and gender equality from a new Jewish perspective. He is also a senior editor at the institute for the advancement of Rav Shagar’s writings.

His book A New Hidden Torah was published by the Zalman Shazar Center in 2010.

Zohar resides in Jerusalem;  he is married and a father of four.

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