Pesach Haggadah: Story or Halachah

Rav Noam Samet • 2007
The heated debate about the Pesach Haggada between Rabbi Akiva and Rabban Gamliel – whether to associate the Seder within the historical redemption...

The Seder Night: Falling in Love Again... with Ourselves

Rav Yair Drayfus • 2018
Movement from hunger to satiety is the secret of man’s tikkun: the seder night is an invitation to be still, to be satisfied.

The End of Concealment - The End of Wonders

Rav Yair Dreifus • 2018
After seventy years of nationalism, perhaps it is finally time for a brotherhood of man. Part of A Drasha in Celebration of the 70th Year of Israel...

Journeys of Courtship: From Song of Songs to Megillat Ruth

Rav Yair Dreifuss • 2018
Among the different holiday symbols, Shavuot, and especially Megillat Ruth, serve to represent the maturity of Passover and Song of Songs.

A Treetop with Raindrop-Lashed Eyes

Rav Ori Lifshitz • 2007
The eve of Yom Kippur is the time of missed opportunity in the story of Rav Rahumi. His distance from his home met here with the journey of Alterma...

Ha'azinu: A Song of Transition

Rav Elchanan Nir • 2018
The song of Parshat Ha'azinu is a transition between the first part of Tishrei festivals and the second, between the days of judgement and the days...

Fullness and Satiety in the Hollowed Space

Rav Yair Dreifuss • 2018
Thoughts On the Seam Between Tishrei's Light and the Winter's Darkness.

Hooray! I Am an Orphan - Discourse for Purim

Rav Achia Sandowsky • 2019
As an orphan, Esther is not bound by any rules. She gets lost, and does not only lose her father’s home, but also Mordechai. This kind of going is ...

Pesach: The Month of Dreams

Rav Elchanan Nir • 2019
What is the significance of this monthly celebration apart from Pesach, which is only spread out over one week out of the four weeks of the month o...
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