The Problem of Scatteredness

Rav Yair Drayfus • 2018
Scatteredness, which includes fragmentation of the self as well as a lack of energy, is particularly characteristic of people in our age.

The Concealed Torah

Rav Yair Drayfus • 2016
It is time to put down the Dvar Torah behavior-patterns for pensioners. Each person must ask: what does my avodah, my service of God, look like in ...

The Calm after the Storm

Rav Yair Dreyfus • 2017
While there is a chaos in religion and humanity, I sense the beginning of a development of new and old personas. These know how to peek without nur...

A thought that I had one morning in shul

Rav Yair Dreyfus • 2018
What can people give to the dreams of the one who dwells among them? They provide the trope, the song, and the flavor to the dreams which are hidde...

Notes on the Language of Renewal

Rav Yair Dreyfus • 2018
Re-encountering one’s childhood can awaken unpleasant feelings.Jew is called upon to open with condemnation: to see all the rejected, repressed sid...

The Power of Good Speech and the Point of Truth

Rav Shagar • 2006
Rav Shagar's lesson on Likutei Moharan 34: about the ability to overcome crisis and disgrace by finding 'the point of good'; about the importance w...

Denying the Holocaust

R. Yehuda (Udi) Dvorkin • 2017
Holocaust denial can be done actively, but can also be done by with the way in which the Holocaust is dealt, such as by searching the facts in a w...

Wailing, Consolation and Redemption: Reflections on Yom HoaShoah

Rav Yair Dreifus • 2018
Rav Nachman and the Rebbe of Piacezna offer different ways for coping with the World's Suffering. From the book 'A Wedding of the Lost Ones' shiuri...

Journeys of Courtship: From Song of Songs to Megillat Ruth

Rav Yair Dreifuss • 2018
Among the different holiday symbols, Shavuot, and especially Megillat Ruth, serve to represent the maturity of Passover and Song of Songs.

Torah and State in our time – Medinat Yisrael

Rav Yair Dreifuss • 2018
Perhaps it is time for us to establish a new utopia - one that, God forbid, will not indulge the megalomaniac impulses of history, Rather, it will ...

Contraction and Creation

Rav Shagar • 2007
Rav Shagar’s shiur on Likutei Moharan 49: About the ability of good to shape the outside reality, and the need to surrender our truth in order to d...

Prayer and the Tzaddik

Rav Shagar • 2007
Rav Shagar's shiur on Likutei Moharan 65: on the deep connection between the tzaddik and his chasidim, on the value of true speech, and on the ligh...
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