Parshat Hashavua

To Count and To Keep

Rav Avishai Schreiber • 2007
The Counting of the Omer is a preperation to the giving of the Torah because it stopps the race of time, and teaches us to live every day for himself.

Camps and Journeys

Eitan Abramovitch • 2008
The Midrash and the Izhbitzer Rebbe see the camping orders in the desert as a model for the balance between order and chaos, borders and transgress...

Simple Vessels and the Shame of Memory

Rav Dr noam samet • 2008
To what extent can man's avodat Hashem be meaningful? the Midrash on parashat Behaalotcha teaches us to find meaning in our humble efforts.

To remove oneself or to rise

Rabbi Dr. Ori Lifshitz • 2018
Moshe and Aharon decide not to remove themselves from the sinners, but to fall on their faces, to stay connected to those who find themselvs at the...

?What does He really think of us

Elyashiv Cherlow • 2018
Parashat Balak, which takes place outside of the plot, gives us an opportunity to hear what God says about us when we are not around.

!Tzadik, eat to satiety

Eitan Abramovitch • 2008
The Midrash on our Parasha deals with the meaning of the sacrifices, but it also has some things to tell us about our eating habits.

Ha'azinu: A Song of Transition

Rav Elchanan Nir • 2018
The song of Parshat Ha'azinu is a transition between the first part of Tishrei festivals and the second, between the days of judgement and the days...

A World of Sand

Rav Ori Lifshitz • 2017
Avraham wandered from place to place, along the length and breadth of the land. Is this a decree, the covenant of fate decreed against the Jew, or ...

Chayei Sarah - Love and Din

R. Yehuda (Udi) Dvorkin • 2018
A look at the first love story in the bible, between Yitzchak and Rivka.

A Possible Partnership: The Match - An Incident, An Absolute

Rav Yair Dreifuss • 2018
The decision has the power to turn strangeness into intimacy, family. A deep discussion on the meaning of marriage.

VaYetze - Opened, Closed, Opened

Rav Dr. Eitan Abramovitch • 2018
single mass of letters - The Sefat Emet about devotion and unity in Parshat VaYetze.

Yosef and Yehuda through the Sfat Emet’s eyes

Prof. Zohar Maor • 2008
Yosef represents the concealed holiness, while Yehuda the revealed holiness. Therefore the “crown of governance” was anointed to Yehuda. Yet, in th...
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