Parshat Hashavua

Source and translation

Rav Achia Sandowsky • 2018
Anyone who learns Torah from a translation may get stuck in the finality of the word, in the darkness, and not pass through the gate that opens to ...

The People who are supposed to believe

Rav Dr. Ori Lifshitz • 2018
Parashat Shemot: After God sends Moshe to Pharaoh to be His emissary in the process of redeeming Israel from Egypt, He gives him signs and wonders ...

Parashat Teruma – A Wedding

Rav Dr. Noam Samet • 2019
In anticipation of the month of marriage - the month of Nissan - the month of Adar is described as the month of passion that comes just prior. This...

Parashat Ki Tissa – True Rest

Rav Eitan Abramovitch  • 2019
The Sefat Emet, follow Rashi, teaching as about the different between 'peaceful and tranquil rest', and 'momentary rest'.

Parashat pekudei - Life as a Journey with the Mishkan

Rav Avishai Schreiber • 2019
The story of Am Yisrael’s travels in the desert might show us  an alternative kind of journey, one that is fulfilling in and of itself - the sojou...

Parashat Tazria – Ways of awakening

R. Dr. Avishar Har Shefi • 2019
The first verse of the parashah and the Sages' commentary on it are used in Hasidism as a platform for emphasizing the importance of the Itarauta D...

Parashat BaHar – The two sides of Shemita

Rav Yossi Gamliel • 2019
Rav Yossi Gamliel about the two appearances of Shemitah in the Tora, and two aspects of holiness - the sides of affluence and abandoning.

Parashat BaMidbar - The quantity and the quality

Rav Dr. Ori Lifshitz • 2019
From the start of “the book of assemblies” We may be able to learn the qualitative meaning of large - God's praise is revealed in the multitude of...

Parashat Korah – A land flowing with milk and honey

Rav Noam Samet • 2019
From the dispute between Moshe and Datan and Aviram, we may learn about the spiritual meaning of the abundance and existence of the Land of Israel.

Parashat Balak - The Torah of Moshe and Parashat Balaam

Eitan Abramovitch • 2019
Why was a foreign parasha included in the Sefer Torah? By help from Rabbi Tzadok HaKohen of Lublin we learn about the special location of Parashat ...

Vowing, Speaking and Erasing - Discourse for Parashat Matot

Elyashiv Cherlow • 2019
How many times in our lives have we said things that were better left unsaid? How many times have we wished that anyone who heard us would simply f...
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