Parshat Hashavua

The shabbat rest

Rav Avishai Schreiber • 2007
Shabbat takes us to a world of rest. On understanding the relationship between work and rest.

Who Needs Sacrifices Anyway

Ariel Seri-Levi • 2007
The opening of the book of Vayikra, brings to light the age old debate over the essence of the Korbanot, and also gives new meaning to prayer.

The Power of Counting

Rav Avishai Schreiber • 2008
What is the significance of counting the Omer? Insights from the Midrash and various Chasidic writings.

Leprosy Goes Public

Roni Bar Lev • 2008
About Tzaraat and implications, as an unordinary trial takes place between a person and hisher surroundings.

Aaron's Attributes

Shilo Ankor • 2008
Aaron, the new High-Priest (Kohen Gadol), and the different reasons he was chosen for this position.

A Language of Truth, A Language of Lies

Rav Ori Lifshitz • 2009
In a world of lies, that might be the only way to go... The Sfat Emet's Commentary for Parshat Toldot.

And Avraham Arose

Yonatan Greenboim • 2009
As her life comes to an end, we find another hint to the assumption that Sarah was more than just accompanying Avraham on his journeys.

Knowledge of good and evil

Ohr Yehezkel Hirsch • 2009
Reviewing the first sin of man, and a discussion of what it means to become knowledgable in regard to good and bad.

The Familiar and The Unknown

Rav Ori Lifshitz • 2018
The dialogue between Moshe and Pharaoh regarding 'Hag Hashem' (the festival of the Lord), is extremely relevant to our religious life.

Regulation and Excess

Eitan Abramovich • 2008
How come our parasha, that tells about the giving of the Tora, is named after Yitro? in what sense is he involved in this event? Reb Zadok has a su...

No One’s Talking about Money

Rav Elchanan Nir • 2016
Rav Nachman’s relationship with money was markedly different from the normative religious and traditional perspectives held in his society.

Sacred Chametz

R. Yehuda (Udi) Dvorkin • 2018
The details of the sacrificial work, as well as the fanaticism of the Passover cleaning, remind us that we aspire to by fully pure and holy, but it...
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