Parshat Hashavua

Requeuim for the Desert Generation

Gadi Fischer • 2008
About the "Desert Generation" and the frightening casualness by which they are left behind.

New Skies

Eitan Abramovich • 2008
The parsha begins with the law of the red heifer. An in-depth examination of what meaning we search for when we search for it in the laws of God.

If God Wills Us

Benayah Yanai • 2008
how did the people attempting to enter the land of Israel sin, if at all? In search of a deeper meaning to the phrase "against God's will".

In your light

Elchanan Arzi • 2008
God, the light of the world, commands us to light a lantern in is home. Can there be any value to human acts in face of the divine infinity?

As He Says

Avi Luria • 2008
Words create and destroy, sanctify and desecrate. Who gave them the right?

A Time For Kings

Tsvi Weingarten • 2008
The laws of kings, the beginning of Elul and the trials we face.

To heel and to heel

Shimon Garbuz • 2008
The Parsha opens with words that require interpretation, words that may lead us to different ways of connecting to Hashem and his commandments.

The Spirit and the Heart

Shlomo Shock • 2007
The true generous spirit trickles all the way down to the uplifted heart and becomes generosity of the heart.

For I have found favor in Your eyes

Ariel Seri-Levi • 2007
In the exchanges between Moshe and God after the sin of the golden calf, we discover the special nature of their relationship.

"Not what you had in mind"

Rav Ori Lifshitz • 2007
Looking into various Midrashim, we find different meanings of the meeting between the Divine presence and the human being.

Judges and Elders

Rav Noam Samet • 2007
Our Parasha's return to the topic of Har Sinai, teaches us a new aspect of the leadership of the Israeli nation.

The taste of Eden

Rav Noam Samet • 2007
Understanding the New Year of the trees through insights on the creation of the earth, the Garden of Eden, and the curse of thorns and thistles.
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